Confessions of a binge eater – entry 3 


I had an up and down couple of days filled with excuses. It started terribly – I couldn’t even do the first day – binge eaters will find any excuse and I found mine.

1)First day back to work after time off so stressed                                                                        2) Paperwork in the afternoon so need snacks                                                                             3) Stayed late must pick up fast food

I promised myself I would be honest, as if I don’t admit when I binge I won’t get better. But since then it has improved.

Eating breakfast was definitely a struggle, I’m not a morning person and I found that the hardest. Since the holidays I’ve had time to sit down and eat breakfast which I’m hoping to continue.

Not drinking pop was difficult! And I’ve not done a good job, however I have but back a lot – so I’m making progress.

Finally no binge eating – since I set my challenge I’ve only failed this twice. Which considering it was a daily thing is huge! I’m immensely proud of myself. I still snack, but it’s snack size. I’m hoping to carry on with this 🙂

Next challenge

1) continue to try and cut fizzy pop out of my diet and eating breakfast (on going)

2) To make healthier choices as I want a healthy relationship with food.

Wish me luck

Elma xox


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