Confessions of a binge eater

Diary entry 1

I started watching a Netflix series ‘Addicted to food’ and for some reason it appealed to me; I wasn’t entirely sure why at the time. Ironically I binge watched the whole 8 episodes in one day. I became addicted and obsessed – Why do we binge eat? What makes us feel the need to consume so much food? and what actually is binge eating?

‘Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating.’

Now I reckon most people, if not everyone, has gorged on food until the point of feeling sick – maybe on birthday cake, all inclusive on holiday, Chinese buffet or a pity party including half the chocolate aisle in Asda after a break up? Now I’m not saying this is normal or healthy, however I do think this is a common occurrence that may happen from time to time, especially for woman.

‘Estimates indicate that about 60% of people struggling with binge eating disorder are female and 40% are male. In women, binge eating disorder is most common in early adulthood’

I never really considered myself as a binge eater, more of an unhealthy eater who regularly made poor choices when it came to food. When I started working during my early adulthood (around age 21) it was the first time I ever felt stressed, followed by anxiety and depression, which led to a daily routine of leaving work, popping to the shop and buying a tonne of smackery to gorge on until I physically couldn’t eat anymore. Now I think when binge eating become part of your daily routine, it becomes a problem.

It’s fair to say I’m an emotional eater and two years later I was, well am, 4 stone heavier. It well and truly took its toll on me. So 2017 I decided would be the year that I make a change…

  1. January 1st I come off my medication that a) had a side effect of weight gain and b) suppressed my feelings but still made me feel empty and unfulfilled.
  2. January I Joined the gym – so instead of spending my evenings eating I could go to the gym and get an actual hobby – this is not yet a routine but first step has been taken.
  3. Started Reiki therapy (I can write a whole other blog post on this) which has changed my life and helped pin point my problems – This is to work towards healing myself on the inside.

So this is the start of my journey to heal, overcome and beat this. I don’t want to depend on food to make me feel better. I don’t want food to be my safety net and I definitely don’t want food to be such a big part of my life.

So first tip is to always start with a small and achievable target, so week 1 I have decided to:

1) Cut out all fizzy pop. I’m drinking lots of diet coke and energy drinks which has resulted in head aches and binging on a ridiculous amount of sugary drinks.

2) Eat three meals a day. I have a habit of skipping meals and snacking at night time sue to feeling hungry. 

Wish me luck


Binge eating NHS help

Beat – helpline


Week 1 – WB 24.4.17 (I like to start on a Monday)

  • Cut out fizzy drinks
  • x3 meals a day

2017 Challenges

  1. Cut out pop
  2. X3 three meals + X2 snacks
  3. Gym X3 times a week
  4. Lose 4 stone (56lbs)

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