Braids – festival hair

Beach waves


1) wave hair with straighteners – turn straighteners on

2) take a small section of hair (1-2 inches)

3) start from the root, slide straightners down the hair and twist in a 90 degree angle

4) alternating each way until you reach the root – leave about 2cm at the end to create a more natural beach wave


1) Loosely plait the hair

2) Run the straighteners down

3) Take the plait out for loose waves.


Creating loose braids

1) Pick a small 1 – 2 inch section of hair

2) Split the hair into 3 sections and do a simple plait.

3) At the end tie with a clear elastic band.

4) Next pull at sections of the braid to make it look loose and messy.

5) Use a texturising hair spray to create an effortless look.

You can do as many plaits as you want in all different levels of the hair – for example I did one plait low and then one on the top

Two-sides up french braid

1) Take a 1-2 inch section of hair from the front.

2) Split into three and start to plait around the hairline, picking up bits of hair on the side nearest to the face as braiding.

3) Stop picking up extra hair when you reach the top of your ear.

4) Plait to the end of the hair.

Do this on both sides of your hair.

5) If your hair is long enough you can tie the hair in a double knot, if shorter hair you can use bobby bins and hairbands to secure in place.

6) Make additional braids and wrap around the braided section of the hair.


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