L’Oréal COLORISTA review

L’oreal Colo Rista wash out

I bought this product in blue to create a light blue pastel ombré in my hair. The instructions are easy to follow and the product is easy to use. I used the product with gloves and evenly spread it though-out the areas i wanted to colour. One bottle was just enough to colour my ends, if thick or long hair I would suggest two bottles. It was a thick consistency, when I added a little bit of water it foamed up and was easy enough to apply. I left it for approximately 15minutes and then rinsed it out. If you leave the product in longer you will have a more vibrant blue that fades into a pastel the more you wash or leave it in for a short amount of time and it will create a pastel blue first time round.

This is perfect if you only want the colour to last a couple of weeks – for example a holiday or the school holidays –  as it will fade out by the end. It states 5 – 10 washes depending on your hair type and what shampoo you use. If you are trying to get rid of it quicker I would suggest a shampoo that doesn’t have colour protect, this should help shift the colour quicker. I always use a shops own brand that is white in colour or head and shoulders.

This can then be topped up with the 1 day sprays when the colour starts to fade. Below are a couple of ways I styled my pastel blue ombre hair.

Colo Rista spray – 1 day colour

I bought these in blue, pink and grey to create a mermaid look. They are really easy to use with again simple instructions to follow. It advises you to use an old towel around your shoulders to stop colour transfer on clothes and spray onto your hair. It has a hairspray texture but when brushed through looks flawless.

As it states, it only lasts one day and can be washed out in time for work/ school the following day. These would be fab for festivals – especially if styled with glitter roots, a great way to hide unwashed festival hair.

I would definitely recommend these products and will be using all three colours with glitter roots to create a festival mermaid look.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Inexpensive (£6.99 each for washout and spray)
  3. Variety of colours
  4. Create lots of styles


  1. If you had long hair the product wouldn’t last long
  2. washout fades quickly






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