How to maintain micro bond hair extensions

I’ve had hair extensions on and off for the past two years. Along the way I have learnt a couple of hits and misses when maintaining extensions.

When choosing the colour keep this in mind –

Firstly extensions are hard to maintain, especially the colour silver as you need to keep your extension/ real hair toned. I found I could only stay this colour for a couple of months. You need to be dedicated if you want to be this colour. I found the purple shampoo would loosen my extensions and dry them out. It was a nightmare.

I then decided the best way to resolve this was to go back to brunette and for my extension to go from brown into a silver ombre. This meant I could regularly tone the ends (if needed) and use wash in wash out colours when feeling bored with out ruining the actual bonds and extensions.

Some top tips 

  1. Invest in a decent sulphate free shampoo and conditioner – this will make sure your bonds stay in your hair. Any shampoo and conditioners with oils in will cause the bonds to slide out.
  2. Invest in a decent hair brush – I use a tangle teezer and a large paddle brush when drying my hair. Make sure you brush your hair regularly to stop it from tangling.
  3. Rinse any shampoos and conditioners out thouroughly – you need to spend more time then normal rinsing your hair to make sure all of the product rinses out and that there is no product build up.
  4. Dry your hair thoroughly after washing – make sure you use a cold/medium heat as hot can cause the bonds to slip. Dry the roots carefully to stop the hair from knotting and going matte at the root.
  5. Hold the hair when brushing the ends – this will stop you from pulling the ends too hard and again pulling out the extension. Hold a section of hair and brush from the ends and work your way up to the roots. be extra careful with your extension nearer the front of your head as you will find the hair to be thinner here.
  6. Protein spray to keep your hair and the extensions in good condition. This also stimulates growth.
  7. Deep condition once a month – use a good deep conditioner on the ends of your extensions. For a deeper condition, wrap the hair in clingfoil and heat up with either a hair dryer or a towel.
  8. Sleep with hair in a loose plait – this will stop the hair from going matte and knotting
  9. Wash your hair once a week – your extensions only need washing once a week as the extensions can be loosened from over washing. You can always use dry shampoo to keep your hair own hair looking fresh thought out the week.
  10. Maintenance every 4/6 weeks – maybe even 8 weeks if you keep in good condition – the hairdresser will push the bond back up the root and brush out any hairs that natural fall out.
  11. When styling try keep the straighteners/ curlers away from the bonds – the heat can cause the extension to slip out.
  12. Always listen to the after care tips the hair dresser tells you


Remember everyone has different hair types so always listen to your hairdressers advice. Hopefully some of these tips will be useful





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