Diet chef review – week 3

I decided to have a week off the diet due to being off work, a weekend away and a birthday. I know, it shouldn’t be an excuse but I decided to give the diet chef food a rest. I am now used to eating smaller amounts so I didn’t go crazy. I’ve gained 1lb – so back on it from Monday.

I have decided to do ‘Remember November’ which basically means NO ALCOHOL! Even on a diet I like to have a glass on the weekend… but for 30 days no alcohol will pass my lips and I will be back on it with the diet chef food.

I have ordered another 4 weeks from Diet chef. this time round it is £185 instead of £150, so this will be the last time as it is getting pretty expensive. I have chosen my meals and edited last months food. Even after November i will have some food left over from the week and couple of days i have had off. This will take me into December. I will then have to decide what diet to do next – hopefully I will be used to smaller portions but we all know Christmas is the season to overeat.

I will keep you updates – hoping to loose lots of weight during November and I’m sure I will come up with a new plan for my new years resolution on way to get my beach body ready. I’ve given myself until 2020, sounds crazy I know, but I feel 202o will be my year. I’m hoping to have my ideal money, savings in the bank and planning my year to travelling. So please wish me lots of luck on my journey.

If anyone else is doing diet chef I would love to know how you are getting on





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