Jaclyn Hill inspired make-up look

Hey guys,

I came across a picture on Instagram of Jaclyn’s make-up, it looked amazing and perfect for autumn. So I thought I would have a go at re-creating the look.


Looking at the base I would do a full coverage foundation to get that flawless look. It looks like Jaclyn has only contoured and highlighted on cheeks as I can’t see a blush colour. For any tips on a flawless base have a look at my previous posts ‘everyday make-up look’ and ‘GRWM – Glam night out’

Eyes are the soul to your heart 

Kiko wet and dry pigment eye shadow – £3.90

This is a bargain and so worth the money. You can use these eyeshadows wet or dry, so if you want to make the product more pigmented, spray your make-up brush with a setting spray and then use the eyeshadow. It looks amazing. I used this orange colour in the crease line and really blended it out so there were no harsh lines. On the Kiko website the eyeshadows are reduced from £6.90 to £3.90 so definitely worth picking up a few staple colours for your make-up bag.
Ruby & Millie perfect eyes pallet – £7

Back in the bay before I dropped mine and shattered most of the colours, this was a good pallet. The packaging is beautiful and it does look expensive. The gold has a lot of glitter fall out but the rest of the colours are good quality. I could only find these pallets on eBay, so I think they have stopped selling these. Any warm brown will be perfect to deepen up the crease colour and to use on the outer third of your eye.
Revolution shimmer brick radiant – £3

This is an amazing pigmented multi – use product and its only £3! Such a bargain. Superdrug stock a lot of revolution products and I have currently invested in a couple of pallets. They are staples in your make-up collection and really cheap. I used the gold colour on the inner half of the eye and the white and pink colour mixed looks great as a highlighter with a wow factor, which is definitely what Jaclyn has gone for.
Maybelline liner express – £4.99

This is a great an easy to use liquid liner. I do sometimes find my flicks end up quite thick, but I don’t mind that look. The packaging is very sleek but I must admit I open it upside down overtime – is that only me? or is the packaging deceiving?
L’Oreal paris smoky eye pencil – black velour – £4.99

Exactly as it says on the label – if you want to create a smokey look this is perfect. I also find it lasts long in the waterline as well. It comes in a selection of colours, so if you like to create dramatic smokey eyes this is a must.
Eylure party lashes

I picked mine up from Newlook and have found they are perfect for my eye shape. It’s hard to recommend eyelashes, as it does depend on the shape of your eyes which pair will suit. I have linked the Eylure website as they are a great brand with lots of styles. Jaclyn is definitely wearing some dramatic lashes, however you could just layer up the mascara and it would still look fab.
Benefit bad gal lash mini – £5

They also do the full-size at boot as well. This is a very black mascara with a thick wand for voluminous lashes. I do like to try out the mini’s before I commit – so far so good. Great mascara for a dramatic look and suits this look perfectly.

Lips without lipstick is like cake without frosting 

Revolution salvation velvet lip lacquer – velvet vamp – £3

A bargain price at only £3. This is a perfect shade for autumn and I do think it is a close dupe for Jaclyn’s vampy lip. The problem I find with dark lipsticks is the pigmentation isn’t always great, this did need a couple of layers. However when it was on it stayed, it was not going anywhere anytime soon. I do find liquid lipsticks quite uncomfortable, but this one wasn’t too bad – slowly getting used to them

Hope you enjoyed my take on this look





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