5 ways to get motivated


1) Write achievable list 

There is no point writing a list of 20 points if you know it’s impossible to get done by the end of the day. You will reach the end of the day unfulfilled and disappointed that you didn’t get everything done. It’s important that you write your list in order of importance – what needs doing that day? What can you worry about another time. Write a list of a doable amount and when it is accomplished you will feel motivated and happy, which is a great way to end the day.

2) Reward yourself

Is there a film you really want to watch? A new bag that you can’t quite justify buying or a chocolate bar hidden at the back of the cupboard that you are desperate to eat? Use these as rewards. When writing dissertations, my friend used to reward himself with a kit kat every 500 works – I’m sure you can imagine the amount he got through at the end, but it kept him going. If you have a huge deadline at work just think to yourself ‘if i get this done I will look online at that bag I have really wanted – then I will deserve it’

3) Eliminate distractions 

There are distractions everywhere… TV, NETFLIX, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER… The list goes one. Even cleaning the bathroom is more appealing them marking 30 science books, writing an essay or completing paperwork. However sometimes you need to switch yourself off from all that. Find a calming place to do your work with little distractions – set yourself a time limit to work solidly, have some snacks in front of you and off you go.

4) Turn negatives to positives

When you receive bad feedback from a job, project or essay you need to turn the negatives into a positive. Some criticism can be constructive. One tactic that successfully positive people have is to ignore and reject negative thoughts that enter the mind. Take 1 minute to think about it – If it isn’t constructive ignore it. Ask for regular feedback – positive and negative points, let your boss know that you’d love honest feedback on where you could improve.

5) Use positive language 

When you regularly use positive language you come across to others as positive and constructive.  Change negative language to positive – instead of ‘don’t’ use ‘always’ e.g. don’t eat junk food – always prepare healthy meals the night before.

Hope this gives you some pointers on how to be more constructive




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