Diet Chef – Week 2 review

I must admit, when I started writing this blog post I thought surely it has been longer… But no only two weeks in, maybe eating similar meals daily is starting to drag.

The breakfast and lunch I’m pretty much used to now. It fits in easily enough into my daily routine. I normally add fruit to my lunch and have my daily snack, so this is pretty sufficient and filling. If I could just buy the breakfast and lunch I think I would as it is still low calorie and the pasta pots are pretty tasty.

I work quite late and this is where I struggle continuing the diet. I get home and I’m starving, this is when I tend to grab a naughty snack… bag of malteasers, crisps, sausage roll whatever is quick and easy. Sometimes I’ll wait for tea but then start picking at leftovers because I’m hungry. I think I need to save my snack for when I get home and fill my plate with more vegetables.

I’ve been pretty ill this week and did take some days off the diet, this included a kebab and bacon sandwich – but it was so worth it. Sometimes when you feel rubbish greasy food is a must.

Next week I need to be more strict with my evening meal, save my snack for later and eat more fruit at lunch and maybe stick to treats just on a Saturday night.

Weight loss: 1lbs


Wish me luck




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