To tattoo or not to tattoo… that is the question?


Hey guys! Just though I would talk you through my current tattoos, their meanings and regrets – hope you enjoy.

My tattoo journey

First lets start by me stating that I love tattoos. I would quite happily be covered in them. When I turned 18 the first thing I wanted to do was get a tattoo, I wasn’t allowed one so my inner rebel said do it! I didn’t quite no myself, style or who I wanted to be so I chose a simple small design.


please note I was skinny here…*sob the good old days. I decided on a tiny butterfly, with a hint of green (in previous post I mentioned my obsession) It didn’t mean anything to me but It was what started my love of inkings on the body.


I know… seriously I get it… this was my first BIG mistake! for my 19th birthday my friend offered to pay to get my tattoo extended my this ‘great guy’ she new… little did she no this would be a HUGE mistake. i mean seriously… look at the grapes and the crab tattooed on my foot. I had this beautiful image in my head of what i wanted my foot tattoo to look like, a beautiful floral, colourful design down my foot. What i ended up with was a tattoo that looked like a child had drawn it on with my foot with a share, which is funnily enough what a colleague asked me (but more about that later)

this guy apparently tattooed from home, so all excited on the morning of my new tat I turned up to this house in a pretty rough estate, I don’t judge, he then led me into his front room, still trying not to judge… then he turned on Jeremy Kyle…  now I’m trying really hard not to judge. This should of been the pint where I turned around a left. He was a huge, scary looking guy, so I kept telling myself he is going to do a great job.

Just before he started he turned to me and said I’m going to freestyle it, do you trust me? this would have been a great time to say NO! and run. but in true “me” fashion I said of course because I always like to deal with the drama after!

strangely enough I put up with this tattoo for 5 years! yup you read that right… 5 years! until one beautiful summer afternoon during work I was wearing a long maxi skirt and flip flops. This is where the ‘sharpie’ comment came from. Someone I worked with said to me in all seriousness “awwww did you draw that on your foot with a sharpie?” admitting out loud it was a tattoo made me realise time to get a cover up.


Finally i went in and got my horrid tattoo covered. The tattoo artist was mortified… what was this guy thinking? has he tattooed before? How will I fix this? was just a few of the questions asked. I had two choices – to try and improve his mess/ or have a major cover up halfway up my leg. I went with the first choice and I’m happy with that choice. It was two extremely painful hours, but in the end it was worth it.

Lesson learnt here is think before you ink and always do your research. Which brings me onto my next 4 tattoos… Make sure you subscribe to read about placement importance, how your beautiful tattoo can accidentally look like a penis (yes I said penis) and the importance of meaning in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading

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