Wroxeter Roman Vinyard in Shrewsbury


A perfect day trip.

I’ve always been interested in learning facts about alcohol – strange hobby I know. It started when I visited the Guinness factory in Ireland, followed by a whisky tour in Scotland and finally the Warsteiner factory in Germany. All amazing experiences, but as a wine lover I knew a vineyard had to be next on my list. Luckily I found one practically on my doorstep, perfect way to celebrate my 26th birthday and only £39.95 for two.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the day…Tea and coffee was offered on arrival, and we sat in the main room with around 50 people. Much more then I expected. Everyone had come from all over to visit the infamous Vineyard, which nestled in the foothills of the Wrekin, to find out all about the local, organic wine.

Next was a brief history of Wroxeter Roman Vineyard which was planted in 1991. The charismatic, proud man that currently owns the place, ran the tour. Interestingly his dad started the business and it has since been a family run business. He explained the links to the Romans (if you know the area you will be aware of the Roman ruins just down the road) and the Roman settlement.

After that was a guided tour of the vineyard. We learnt about the seasons, weather importance, the 4 different grapes and the process from planting all the way to corking the wine.

The next part is the main reason we were all there… the wine tasting. We tasted 5 different wines and scored the look, smell and taste. This gave us a good indication of what we would be buying from the shop at the end. I left with a box full so I’m sure you can imagine I liked them all. We tried 4 white wine (mainly dry) and one blush (Rose)

Then it was time for a much needed lunch including two extra bottles of wine at the table. This gave us a chance to taste the red and another white wine. We feasted on a beautiful local Shropshire pie with salad, baby potatoes and coleslaw. Delicious.

I would highly recommend this day trip. Great service, enjoyable, interesting, beautiful and the wine was divine.

Now where to go next?





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